Puffins and Flowers in Boothbay Harbor

It had been on my bucket list for a while to see Atlantic Puffins off the coast of Maine. Last summer I headed out to Eastern Egg Rock Island with Cap’n Fish’s Cruises out of Boothbay Harbor with my fingers crossed for a good sighting. We lucked out and saw a handful of puffins and even got some good views of them fishing and flying around.

Did you know Atlantic Puffins are only around 1 foot tall?

Of course, seeing them from so far away left me wanting more and I’m excited to head up to Cutler, Maine with Captain Andy and Bold Coast Charter Company to get a closer look this summer on Machias Seal Island. These tours are already booked for the whole 2019 season – more to come after that adventure!

After the cruise was over, we made a quick stop at the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens. Even though it was nearing to closing time and we had a long drive home, it was worth the stop to see what was in bloom and get some ideas for a future trip. ‘Til next time, Maine!

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