5 Great Podcasts for Road Trips

Whether I am traveling for work, running errands or getting ready for a long flight I always make sure to have my favorite podcasts queued up. I like a little bit of everything when it comes to podcast genres – I like learning about all different industries, people and destinations. Below are five of my favorite subscriptions that I hope you enjoy as well!

Beautiful Stories from Anonymous People. I have been listening to this podcast (known as Beautiful/Anonymous to its fans) hosted by Chris Gethard since it kicked off over 3 years ago and it is definitely my favorite. The premise of the show is 1 phone call. 1 hour. No names. No holds barred. It is fascinating hearing the stores of people from all walks of life and corners of the globe – no two weeks are the same. Chris and Earwolf just announced that Beautiful Anonymous was renewed for another two years! To check it out, click here.

The Joe Rogan Experience. This podcast has been on forever and I got into this one more recently after recommendations from coworkers and friends. Joe Rogan is an excellent host and can have engaging conversations with every celebrity under the sun no matter their background. He’s also full of random fun facts so I’m always learning something new, like the dry-aging process for meats. Some of my favorite episodes so far have been Mike Tyson, Dr. Phil and Sebastian Maniscalco. To give it a listen, click here.

How I Built This. This is another podcast that I’ve been listening to since it started and I can’t get enough. Each episode highlights well-known (and sometimes obscure!) companies as well as the good, bad and ugly on their founders’ path to success. Guy Raz is another great host and I rarely skip an episode. Many of the stories are inspiring, some of my favorite episodes are Sara Blakeley/SPANX and Herb Kelleher/Southwest. The check out this podcast, click here.

The Fine Line. For those who love nature and wilderness, this might be for you! This podcast details some crazy stories from the backcountry of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The monthly stories highlights the local rescue team and their missions, as well as the risks that some folks have taken to need their assistance. I have an extra soft spot for the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone so it’s interesting to hear about these adventures (and ultimately happy endings) in the area. To sink your teeth in to these adventures, click here.

The Longest Shortest Time. I never would have expected that I’d get so into a parenting podcast when I have no plans to have kids of my own, but I’ve been sucked in to this podcast for over a year. The topics range from educational to crazy (one episode is dedicated to mothers who had their babies in cars….) and are always entertaining. My favorite episodes are part of a multi-part series, The Accidental Gay Parents. I miss the days of creator Hilary Frank hosting the show, but Andrea Silenzi does a great job, too. You can find this podcast here.

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